Thursday, 27 December 2007

Happy Anniversary

To us today!

I really can't believe we've been together for a whole 6 years - no idea where the time went!!

This was meant to be JL's anniversary present but I ended up giving it to him for Xmas instead - we don't really do the whole anniversary thing more looking at each other in dazed disbelief as each year zooms by!

Christmas was over in a blink of an eye, I impressed myself by cooking my first ever Christmas dinner!! The first year we were together JL was obviously loved up enough to promise to always make Xmas dinner, this year though I thought I'd do it so daddy could spend some time with all four of his kids (plus the kitchen was a lot quieter)

Thursday, 20 December 2007


Aka Peek-a-boo, think it's a Yorkshire thing, well I presume it is cause I'd never heard of it before I moved here!

I wasn't quick enough for the hidy in the tinsel shot

The novelty soon wore off and the lure of my open hand bag was just too much

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

As Good As It's Going To Get

It didn't happen last night after all, half the tree decs and lilac lights were mysteriously missing, I went hunting for them today but alas nowhere to be seen?! My heart wasn't really in it but when I couldn't find my Playmobil tree ornaments the situation just got worse. I did consider hanging myself HP22 from it instead but thought he might get a bit dusty by 12th night.

It got to 1.55pm so I thought I better do something before mini me finished school , 2.12pm it was finished, think that must be a record for me - a whole 17 minutes!!!!! It probably does look a bit 'chucked up' but it's got the key elements....lights, tinsel, shiny balls and a star. Must have taken me longer to find an adapter for the lights!

Nearly forgot the most important thing CHOCOLATE!!! Must say I'm impressed with my chocolate umbrellas for the only reason we used to have these on our tree when I was little. I've had a generally shit day today but as soon as I switched the tree lights on I felt a whole lot better!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


JL has had a couple of days off work so I told him asked sweetly if we could go shopping to finish off my gift buying - fab day got it all done and dusted except one thing that he's going to get for me, all my Xmas stresses are now gone - hooray!! Of course while we were out I got 'carded' aka Mr Postie (cheeky little chap that he is) was unable to deliver, so I had to wait until today to pick up my parcel (boy I hate that!!) It was either one of two things and indeed it was wait for it...............

I was going to do the whole photoies of the unwrapping of the very lovely brown paper but I couldn't be arsed was just too excited, when I managed to get through the previously mentioned lovely brown paper D#2 must have know something exciting was in the cause she proceeded to rip off the just as lovely Christmasy tissue paper and snog (of course no tongues) HP22 within an inch of his life! She then discovered the yummy chocs I'd just unwrapped and quickly abandoned HP22 (how shallow can you get at 15 months?!) 2 minutes later after her initial chocolate hit went looking again for said monkey, I'm of the verge of a panic attack at the sight of the chocolate covered baby after my monkey! We quickly hid went to do some gift wrapping.

Bless him he was very tired after his journey (and countless kisses from D#2) and had a little lie down in D#1's bed....for all of 2 seconds before I promptly told him to earn his keep

As it turns out HP22 is a dab hand at wrapping and soon had most of it sorted

Until we ran out of paper *rolls eyes*

But in the process monkey has discovered what he wants for Christmas

Pinky Bunny was not in the slightest bit amused to say the least and I was forced to wrestle a Sylvanian Families chair from his sticky little mits before he pumbled the poor monkey's head in - it appears in his haste to use up the last bit of wrapping paper he forgot to check which flavour (Mr) Pinky Bunny is......

So thank you MM for my beautifully crafted monkey made of knit - I can finally bin the memories of scary scarecrows and creepy clowns I at the age of 31 possess my own knit to love.

Please note:
Some of the above may have been dramatised

And for this evenings entertainment.........


This year we are having half a Christmas tree (wall mounted and baby proof) I'll let you know if I get round to doing it, am I really the one one who hasn't put the decs up yet?

Friday, 14 December 2007

Nit Nurse Nora

Did you ever have one of those? Some random 'nit nurse' who used to come every so often and check the whole school for nits! I wonder if they still have them? Why I mention it I was informed the other day about a kid in D#1's class who has had 'crawly's' since she started school ie SEPTEMBER!!!!! To say I'm mortified would be a slight understatement. It's unfortunate if you do get them - but there really is NO excuse for having them that long. D#1 and I both have long hair D#2 is getting that way and I really don't want to have to keep de nitting the whole family (not that we have them - I've checked!!) because someone can't be arsed to sort her kids out!!!! *Growl* rant over!

Onto another sort of knitting.....

I've always always always wanted to knit, my mum can knit really badly (she can't cast on or off!!) I've asked her to teach me in the past but because I'm left handed it's just too complicated to grasp in reverse especially as my tutor can't knit anyway!

When I was little there would be these things.....knitted things.....I remember certain friends used to have them I used to love them, they were always knitted by grannies or nannies, both my grannies died before I discovered the 'knits of love' (I think only one could knit anyway) I used to look at these 'knits of love' and wish someone loved me enough to spend all that time and effort making me one (I obviously had an early appreciation of things handcrafted!)

This is a typical one

I found the pic here have a look at the gallery to see what I'm harping on about!! I also just noticed there are some free patterns for those of you who may like to knit some wicked cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and appetisers.....(yes really) and some other cute stuff. Wow I really am a frustrated non knitter!

This is all leading up to a very exciting addition to our family - those are the words I used to tell mini me yesterday morning, half cringing expecting her to start jumping around the room at the thought of a new baby brother or sister alas no......

Drum roll please.....

I bagged me a monkey made of knit *SSSQQQUEALLLLLL* I really am that excited (I'm 31 for god sake!!) HP22 to be precise I only remember about Monkee Maker's monkey sale about 5 minutes before it happened, I sort of intended maybe a little half heartedly getting one for my brother for Xmas...... but not on your nelly bro *evil laugh* mini me has told me she's going to sleep with him/her/HP22 every night - you can get lost little lady the monkey is for mummy!!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Busy busy

Well we've been busy over the last week or so, D#1 turned 5 (how did that happen???) she had her birthday party at Brewster's on Sunday. She's always had a thing for Brewster Bear

Some things don't change except maybe Brewster is looking a little tattier and D#1 a lot taller!

We (JL and me) actually went out last Friday (as in out out with no children!!) We very rarely get to go out due to lack of baby sitter but JL decided that his twins who will be 15 on two months would be up for the job, I was very apprehensive to say the least but I think I would be even if they were 10 years older *shame on me* anyway it was his former work's Xmas outing, nothing very exciting just an intimate meal with 10 other people at a Cantonese restaurant my meal mainly consisted of red wine due to lack of veggie starters plus a massive plate full of sizzling meat to follow, by the time my meal arrived I was well on my way and absolutely staving (maybe there is another reason I don't get taken out?!) but all was well even if I did have to wolf a bowl of Shreddies when I got home.

Busy time at school for madam too with another school trip last week, Xmas dinner today, Xmas fare (with SANTA!!!) tomorrow, concert on Tuesday and Wednesday, party Thursday and break up on Friday - I never remember school being such a social event when I was 4/5!

Some VERY exciting news to share tomorrow (I won't bore you anymore now!) well I say tomorrow that's if I can be arsed to try and make my life sound anymore interesting than it really is......

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Happy Birthday Bro!

35 today! What a corker of a picture x