Thursday, 11 August 2011

Time Thief!

Where does the time go? Sometimes I realllllly don't know!!

A few things to show!

Firstly a swap received today

A fabric pouch swap made from this tutorial . I was a bit disappointed with the way mine turned out cause it didn't look anywhere near as good as the one on the tutorial, but was pleased with the one made for me and sent with this lovely piece of fabric inside which I should have probably ironed before I took a pic!

Here's the one I made

Took the kids swimming last week and to a lovely little paint a pot place (which cost me an obscene amount of money!!!!) I took my camera but like a complete pillock completely forgot to take any pics!! (How??!!) You paint your pot and collect it the week after wen they have fired it. D#1 did a football money box

D#2 did a cupcake

I did a plate with their hand prints on, I did one a few years ago so it's really nice to compare them.

They've have gone to their granny and grandad's in Wales for a couple of weeks, missing them like crazy but they are having a lovely time without mummy and daddy!! It's very quiet without them, but nice to have some me time while JL is at work!

Got my nails done

Pretty much the same as last time but pink! I'm going to start blogging my nails I think hehe.

Made a couple of dream catchers which I'm loving, made one for my mum years ago, I omitted the traditional feathers not being a fan (veggie)

A pink one was the first I made

And a purple one with skull charms, thought it looked a bit different!

In the middle of doing a red one but not sure what to put on it yet.

Also a WHIP

It's my first ever Dotee doll!

What is a dotee? A dotee is a small art doll, 3" - 5" tall. Dotees also have a loop for hanging. Tails are optional. If you like them or it adds to your over all look your going for - add one.

A Vegas Showgirl dotee to be more precise, fingers crossed she'll turn out how I hope. She's for a Swap-bot swap! Will have to think of a name for her!!

Anyway that's all for now x