Saturday, 29 September 2007

The morning after…

Oh dear it seems I started a blog last night (hello?!!) after I’d had a couple or three glasses of red *double blush*

First instinct…..delete delete delete!!!!!

Hmmmm maybe I’ll just leave it for now, think I’ll be talking to myself anyway so what the hell *cringe*I told my other half J this a.m. and he said ‘you’ve not written anything defamatory about anyone have you’ how nice is that?! Does that mean that’s the sort of person I am??

I’ll have a think about that *hangs head in shame*

Got to take daughter #1 to a fun filled party full of 4 and 5 year olds later – can’t wait for that it’s at The Pirate Ship my ears are cringing with the noise already!

Anyway best do something a little more constructive than sit and type into the deep dark world of cyber space…..might be back or might not be we will see……..

Friday, 28 September 2007

Well Hello

Less than ordinary, more than boring and full of nothingness – that’s me – welcome to my world.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you *cheesy grin* let’s hope you’ll stay, that is of course if anyone even finds this blog of boredom.

Well hello good evening and welcome……who really actually said that?

A quick Google later DAVID FROST?! My god it’s my fourth sentence in on my newly found blog and it’s even more boring than even I anticipated (shock horror) it’s down hill from now on – clearly! There is something about that fella I never liked - sorry Sir Dave, I'm sure you're lovely really *blush*

Why o why o why? Dunno really. It seems that everyone blogs so why shouldn’t she? I doubt I’ll even keep it up for more than two whole weeks – it’s not that I don’t have every good intention, it’s like every year at Christmas when you get a diary from someone who obviously thinks you’re capable of writing/keeping one (or can’t think of anything else to get you). Don’t think I ever even lasted a whole two weeks……..the only time I ever did keep a diary was when I was about 14 or 15 when my mum or step dad (never did find out which) found it, read it then grounded me (for a whole month) for reading the contents – like it ever had anything to do with them anyway????!!! I then went on to rip out every page and burn them (slightly over dramatic do you think??) I'd like to think that if I ever found my kid's diary I wouldn't look!

So this is me –think I’m more surprised that I’m even here! Hello if you’re reading me and……well……never mind if you’re not ;o)