Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Made in Yorkshire

I'm such a crap blogger busy mummy I meant to post this the day before yesterday but obviously it never happened!

I stumbled across this recipe on Moogsmum's blog, of course being the honorary Yorkshire lass that I am I thought I'd give it a go (it looked really easy too), it was indeed really easy - the hardest part is remembering to put your fruit in tea to soak the night before (otherwise I would have made it a few days earlier!) So after winging the greased and lined tin bit (I never did enjoy the whole lining procedure) and praying my one and only loaf type tin would be big enough, it turned out brilliantly even if I do say so myself! (Thanks Lesley!) I did take a photo to prove it but then when I looked back at the recipe pic I decided it was pants not quite the same standard, so I'm not going to embarrass myself by sharing it!!

So instead here is my very own Yorkshire pudding eating my very own Yorkshire tea bread - that sounds strangely cannibalistic!

She loved it! I'm in the process of soaking more fruit - I forgot to do it last night so did it at 7.30 this morning *rolls eyes* so I can make another one later!

I've also dusted down my sewing machine and done a bit of sewing *gasp* nothing to show though cause it didn't all go to plan, oh well but I had fun :o)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

About a Girl

I think I spend more time nosing at other peoples blogs that tending to my own (now there's a surprise!) I saw this fab post on The Vicious Chicken's blog and thought I'd snifel the idea for myself! Basically answer a list of questions about yourself, google the answer and post a pic that appears in the images (or something like that!)

So here goes....

1) Age you will be on your next birthday

2) Place you would like to visit

3) One of your favourite places

4) Your favourite object

5) Your favourite food

6) Your favourite animal

7) Your favourite colour

8) Name of a past pet

9) Where you live

10) First teacher's last name

11) Your middle name

12) A bad habit of yours

13) Your favourite flower

14) Your favourite holiday

So there you go.....please feel enlightened or confused (I do daily)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

I Have a Confession

*Stands up* Hello my name is Kitschy and I'm an addict.......a lipsalve addict *sits back down*

Yes tis true I would go as far as saying I'm addicted to lipsalve, for as long as I can remember in fact - to the extent that I have to have one on me at all times - if it's not on my person then it will be on the desk, arm of the settee, next to the bed etc. I'm usually a jeans wearer but on the days I might be wearing something that doesn't have pockets then my lipsalve will be shoved down my bra (slightly too much information there I fear but indeed true) I don't have a problem with my 'addiction' I'm quite happy with my little vice unless of course I were to leave the house without one then I would get all panicky and hope that I can cope for however long I'm away from my lipsalve (but I do have a spare in my bag just in case). It is actually a thing of need, I do as my dad and brother always have suffered from really dry lips if I was left un lipsalved god help me!! (my defence your honer)!

This is not always a healthy vice in the instance of when I was pregnant with D#1 I informed JL and my mum that if I went into sudden labour to please, please, please make sure I had my lipsalve, I gave my mum one to have in her bag just in case, but of course when it came down to it and I'd been having contractions every five minutes, in excruciating pain the time came for me to go to the hospital I did of course have my lipsalve! D#1's birth wasn't very straight forward my planned water birth didn't happen (silly me for thinking otherwise!) after literally days in labour (Tuesday morning 7am til Thursday evening 8.08pm) I had one terribly long pain (30 minutes!!) they wheeled me from one room to another in a rather a rushed scary episode my lipsalve got lost *gasp* when my epidural I'd been made to have (yes really but gratefully in the end!!) kicked in I realised I was without my lipsalve!!!!!!!!! Mum actually asked someone to go and look for it *blush* but they couldn't find it, she then remembered the one with the crumpled tissues and leaky pens at the bottom of her bag......all was well!

I know which lipsalves do it for me and which don't, it's not just a case of any old thing will do! I'm a stick rather than tub kinda gal, my all time favourite used to be a Lemon Sherbet one Boots made but they stopped doing it *sign* they only used to last me a week max, then there is the old faithful

This one lasts me about two weeks probably, it is really good - to the extent where my lovely auntie Joyce had really dry lips for weeks and weeks and tried everything and didn't work I gave her a spare one (always have some in stock) and it sorted her out, we found out quite a while later that her dry lips were one of the symptoms her cancer had returned.


Then I started buying these ones from Avon......

All shiny and new!

But just before Xmas I stumbles across something much more exciting......

US imports - Cherry 7UP!! (This one is used up - look at the top, a ring pull!) lemonade and....wait for it......chocolate cake with creamy filling but that's just wrong I'm afraid, I had a bubble gum one too that smelt just like 2p bubble gums I used to buy when I was a kid - can't remember what they were called though.

Then in Claire's a couple of weeks ago I found these.....

There is a cherry coke one too but it's missing in action

All these new flavours are very exciting to me and my little addiction but now I'm writing this post and taken the pictures

(These are just the ones I can lay my hands on!)

I realise that I'm a complete fruit loop and really probably do need some sort of

I would also like to just mention that the ones above aren't all lipsalves............the middle 'dot' of the exclamation mark is a lipstick - that's of course completely different and doesn't count but I couldn't risk looking for another one while D#2 was asleep in the bedroom.....hehe

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Oh So Quiet

D#1 has gone to stay with my brother and his girlfriend for the weekend they have taken her to see her very first panto at The Brindley they are probably doing the whole 'he's behind you' thing as I type!

Very strange coincidence I received a random message on facebook earlier this week from a friend I went to primary school with, she works at The Brindley I hope my bro tracks her down tonight and says hello.

I always used to be crap scared of pantos and shows when I was a kid in case some mad fella dressed as a woman entered the audience and came near me or even worse tried to make me do something embarrassing, it never happen.....well not while I was a kid anyway. I took my little sister to see Bodger and Badger *cringe* a few years ago (on my birthday!!) I got mauled by a flipping mash potato munching puppet! For those of you who are fortunate enough not to know who I'm on about....

Now you too can share my embarrassment!!

I've very nervously joined my very first blog swap! I was umming and ahhhing a bit but then thought what the hell, maybe it will jump start me crafting again, getting quite excited now. The swap is to include something handmade (oooow errrr), something chocolatey and some craft supplies the last two I can do but my little brain is going ten to the dozen for the first bit.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Just a quickie

To say I'm still about but nothing really to blog about!

Our house has been full of germs and sickness over the New Year, we did manage to go to Wales to see mum and co but that's when D#2 came down with the nasties - funny how she really perked up the day we came home bless her.

D#2 has started to walk!! She took her first step in the beginning of November so she's taken quite a bit to find her confidence to actually walk across the room, so cute to see her wobbling about.

No pics, I will have to rectify that and my lack of crafting - the reason why I started this blog. No New Years resolutions for me but I'm going to try and make time to do more crafting, since I stopped card making I've been a bit in limbo trying to find something to float my boat the way paper used to - hey ho.

Happy New Year!!