Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wowzers!! Back so soon, soooo unlike me!!

Think I should re name this blog 'What Kitschy Swapped Next'!! A couple more swaps to add....

Another dotee doll, Autumn Leaves Dottee swap

For this swap you will make one dotee inspired by Autumn leaves.

  • One (1) dotee for one (1) partner
  • Has to be 4' -6" before hanger and tail.
  • Must have hanger and tail.
*This dotee can be inspired by the colors of changing leaves, can be the shape of a leaf or can be leaf print, but must represent Fall.

And a Facebook Halloween Plushie group swap! I loved doing this one, I made a smaller version (another swap) which I've only got a really bad pic of as I didn't have any spare camera batteries, this one is twice the size, I'm dead impressed with it even if I do say so myself!! He's going in the post today, his new owner lives in the UK for a change so I'm hoping she'll get it tomorrow.

Think I missed at least two 'nail pics' so here is the latest.

The last ones had flames, I so loved them and wished I'd got a pic! Would really like some skulls doing next week ready for Halloween but don't imagine they'd be too easy to free hand!! Maybe I'll get flames again hmmmm.

D#1, and I (with some friends) went to see Katy Perry last week!! Not the best picture but you get the idea.

I found this on YouTube,  maybe not for the prudes amongst us but I love it hehehe!!!!

I'll leave you with that x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Time has got the better of me once again!! I really don't seem to be good at keeping up with this blog thing!

Just a quickie, a few swap pics to show....

My second dotee doll, this time Summer themed treat

  • You can make any summer time treat or staple. Some ideas are ice cream cones, popsicles, snowcones, could even be a burger,or hotdog. Please do be sure it is a distinguishable treat, and this is a summer treat dotee, not a fast food dotee (no fries).
Important: The dotee MUST be shaped not just a print on a regular shape dotee.

And Coffin Buddy swap!! I loved this one but was quite a challenge making a buddy to fit inside the coffin!!

first you will make a little coffin box. you get this great print out template from martha stewart here: then you will make a cute little buddie to go in it! it can be a vampire, werewolf, voodoo doll, whatever you want. it can be hand made from scratch, repruposed doll to make it creepy/cute. but it must fit inside the coffin with the lid closed! 

A vampire bunny loosely based on this tutorial, but a lot smaller!! The carrot was made up as I went along as was the Halloween fabric bedding!!

Will try very hard to post sooner rather than later next time x