Saturday, 27 October 2007

Happy Birthday

to meeeeeeee!!

It's been and gone, was very uneventful - depressing even, but made up for it today!

We went to the vegetarian cafe in Holmfirth the food really is amazing but they obviously haven't heard about service with a smile! It's the second time I've been and the waitress' were both as miserable as each other on both occasions! It's only a very small place so you couldn't even say they were too busy to smile!!!

Other good news is I have a new camera this space for fab and exciting pics soon!

Well I think most places had half term last week but we have it next week - a whole week (plus two extra training days) of not having to get up at 6am!! Don't suppose we'll do much out of the ordinary but it will be lovely to spend time with my two girlies *warm fuzzy feeling*

Most Haunted starts tonight from Tatton Park my grandad used to live just up the road - I've been there loads of times but didn't know it was full of spooks...............or not as the case maybe ;o)

Thursday, 18 October 2007

I'm still here....

So the reason why I've never started a blog before now probably is (apart from as previously mentioned) I just don't have anything to blog about!! Yes my life really is that dull! Absolutely nothing of interest has happened to me all week apart from my car conking out at traffic lights on an very steep hill (facing down - something to do with the diesel feed pipe).

*Yawn* Note to self - get a life!

A week to my birthday! Tis exciting, except I have a really bad feeling I will be spending it alone doing nothing - well as alone as you can be with a small rug rat much as I love her (even though she's had me up since 4am).

I can't even post any nice pictures due to lack of lovely camera.

I will try harder to be more entertaining - I promise!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Random visual fun!

Yes I know....

....I'm crap!

I've not blogged for nearly a week!

I've not had anything exciting to report, it's all been pretty shitty news to be honest but best not go there.


Facebook oh my word where have I been? I joined last week and been having a mad strange time of it ever since finding friends from primary school and people I've not spoken to for years! Great stuff but slightly addictive!

I've not done any crafting what so ever since Eric - bad show, feeling a tad uninspired I really should pull my finger out and find something to do!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Talking of Socks

Look what I got in the post yesterday off my mum!! I'm not sure what gives her the impression that I actually do any housework but never mind - fab socks, so me and just my colour. Cheers mum.

Why does no one ever tell you how expensive school is? I'm not talking posh private school I'm talking run of the mill normal school - D#1 only started last month already I've had to cough up a whole £41.25!! That's not including school uniform, shoes, presents for b'day parties - two so far with another invite this morning. It's not even been a whole month yet! I'm going to have to become a pole dancer or something just to fund my child's education! OK maybe not but sounds good doesn't it....hehe

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Meet Eric

Firstly I'd like to say ta very muchly for comments from Kae who I spy has her own Socky Thingy and Monkee Maker who has Dennis no offence to Dennis or MM but I about shat my pants when I first saw him pole dancing - don't think it's politically correct to link to other peeps blog pics but look at the last pic!!!!!! Wowzers!

Anyway here's Eric (sock monkey #2)

With his cheeky hat (note lack of scarf)

Well I say he's #2 but there were a couple of non starters before him, firstly some really lovely fluffy socks that I thought would look fab as SMs but it just wouldn't sew so they are now on my feet (that sounds a bit cruel) and then there was the orange one - now Eric's fetching hat he has got a scarf but it disappeared this a.m. D#1 related, along with D#2's mittens (last seen worn by Eric) this two-hat (ie me) sewed and cut it the wrong way round that will teach me to get cocky (or just plain lazy) and not read instructions twice!

Sorry for the pooie pics D#1 and I had a slight accident with my camera a couple of weeks ago where it kind of 'flew' across the room and died shortly after - I was absolutely gutted to say the least. I've been using JL's cheapo camera since and it's....*trying to think of a non swear word*....let's just say it's not very good.

Right anyway chickens (if there are any!) it's now 11am and I've not even had a coffee yet *gasp* I've been up since 6am and if it doesn't happen soon I'll be asleep face down drooling into my keyboard within minutes!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Pinch Punch...

1st of the month (can't do it back)!

How did it get to be October already????? My birthday countdown begins now, well actually yesterday as Jim lad kindly told me it was 26 days away.....YIPPEEEEE then reminded me how old I will be *cringe* I've decided I might start counting backwards but not sure how long I could get away with it for? If I was 50 it might work for maybe 5 years or so but how long could I be in my 20's for considering I left them behind last year??

Picked up Jim lad's kids yesterday - I say kids at 14 (twins) his daughter is near enough as tall as me - I'm 5'8" and his son towers over me - I feel like such a short arse!! Our darling daughter #1 is already a small giant at 4 is known to wear 9-10 year old clothes (eh what's that all about?!) Popped to Meadowhell was a nightmare - anyone would think it was a week before Christmas! Primark was unbelievable did bag a baby shoe bargain though.......

LOVE baby shoes LOVE a bargain!! Luckily I do have a baby for the occasion of a baby shoe bargain - darling daughter #2....

She's only worn them once so they are actually still white, this time tomorrow may be a different story!

Also got some socks to have another go at making a sock monkey (or seven), I did make one last week.....

Meet Florance

I don't want to say anything that might upset her but she wasn't too bad for a first effort!! She wasn't actually meant to have a nose but those little fingers that are hanging onto her for dear life insisted on it!!

She's been bed hoping ever since and has to take turns between D#1 and D#2, I was reminded yesterday to get a shifty on with making more!! (Oh that sounds was D#1 who reminded me not Flo, cause obviously she's not that kind of monkey)

Oh the party wasn't too painful by the sign of any pirates though!!