Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Quilt Update #3

Well it's finished, sent and received. I think I can safely say Clare likes it (it's on her living room wall already!) It was a bit sort of free style abstract in Clare's favourite colours.

I also sent Clare a bag (and matching tissue holder) I made her from this clever tutorial from Ric-Rac as a little thank you for very generously offering to make Mr P some tank tops.

I can't wait to see if Lucy's going to do another swap I've had so much fun with the ones she arranged already - thank you Lucy!! I've just signed up for (eyes left) LucyKate's Toadstool Swap can't wait to crack on with that!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

More Lovely Post

Retail therapy delivery day 4!!

A small clue in the packaging....

Another little clue in the wrapping (love the cacti print!!)

What who could it be?

I bagged Mr P aka Mr Pigeon 029 from Charlie via her Etsy shop, he actually came with his own little passport, name tag and knitting pattern for a super stylish tank top! I'm in the process of hunting down a knitter to bribe!

Look at that cheeky little face! Isn't he fab!!!

D#2 is convinced that because he's a birdie he can indeed fly - this my friends is not the case but that doesn't stop her launching him through the air every time she gets her hands on him, he now lives away from small children - pah anyone would think little fluffy items were intended for children!!!!

Yesterday brought more lovely post my quilt from Clare!!

Isn't it brill? I LOVE it! Just need to find somewhere worthy to hang it. The pic really doesn't do it justice.

I also had some fabric bits, ribbon, buttons

and a matching handmade card.....

Aren't I a lucky girl?! Thank you Clare!!

The owner of the legs now has a body but is still naked so in the name of decency I will wait until he has clothes before I show him!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Frogs Legs and Retail Therapy

I might have indulged in a tad of retail therapy of late, three days, three parcels Tuesday brought a parcel Buttonberry beautifully packaged felt like it was my birthday! (Yes I know I should have taken pics) I don't know if I'm really shallow and love to receive gifts or if I really appreciate the time and effort some people put in to make their customers feel special......let's go with the latter ;o) I only ordered a pattern and some fat quarters - made my day!! Wednesday brought therapy from The Fat Quarters in the form of more Melly & Me patterns.......

Can you tell what it is yet?

And today was this......

a few little bits a fabric from Japan courtesy of Etsy

Shamefully there is more to come!!