Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cupcake Crazy

Another day, another swap received!!!

This time from France!

This swap was called CUPCAKE CRAZY, the bio....

I think we're all pretty much cupcake crazy so let's send THREE nice cupcake items to your ONE partner. Please make at least one of the items homemade and everything you send should be new and unused.

My sender even decorated the envelope

Look at all this cupcake goodness

This was the first thing I pulled out! My sender said it took her about 5 days to do it, I'm really not surprised, the stitches are teeny tiny and made just for me!!

This was the next thing out, I didn't realise what it was at first cause it got a bit squished - but soon came back to shape!
Next were these two pretty packages
Which contained
I can't tell you how special I feel!! Other crafters never cease to amaze me with their talent and kindness!!

Talking of which Trish, my Facebook Plushie swap partner has blogged about Al McFluffytail!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Found It.....

....the camera phewwwwww!!! *Wipes brow* it randomly appeared in my other handbag - no idea how that happened! I'm feeling a lot better now!

Today I received two parcels! My usual weekly Graze box which is brill!! Basically it's four punnets of goodness delivered to your door however often you want, if you'd like to try one for free (no catch) enter this code KTNJ79D absolutely no obligation!! I'd have taken a picture but the girls decided to eat most of it before I found the camera!!

So the other parcel *gets giddy* another swap!! Sweet Escape!! The person I send to if different from the person who sends to me, works kinda like a round robin.

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!! I love parcels, look at this booty!

Some of you may remember my slight addiction?!! Can you believe this???

Seriously!!!!!!! Mr Pillsbusy lipsalve!!!!!!

This is sooo me ;o)

How cute is this? Happy ice cream fabric!

I would go on but I'll stop now, you could say I liked my parcel!! As did Trish who received her Plushie ice cream!

Happy day x


Well it's the second day of the summer holidays and so far we've done absolutely nothing!!!

I've somehow 'misplaced' my camera so I can't even show you the lovely Sweet Escape swap package I received this morning :o( Just hope I didn't loose it when I was out on Friday night because I don't remember seeing it since! Totally gutted :o( :o(

Off to sulk :'o(

Friday, 22 July 2011

Funny Ole Day

Lack of post yesterday wasn't due to cake failure after all!!! Had quite a busy one, started the day getting my nails done (well that's not exactly busy)

Followed by LOTS of baking, icing and packing into boxes!

Then we took D#1 to get her ears pierced!!!!!! She's been wanting them done for so long but I've always felt she was a bit young, she asked yet again a few weeks ago and to my shock I said yes!!!! She's 8, I guess that's old enough for her to decide, seems quite a few other people had had the same idea and we ended up cueing outside the shop!!!

I do a few bits at school, apart from being Chair of the parent association (I have to say that cause it makes me feel special, but in truth I think they only voted me cause I arrange the girls' nights out!!!!) I also do fruit in school a couple of days which just involves washing it, counting it out and delivering it to the classes (and standing around having a right old laugh with the cook!!) on a Friday I help out with snack time in nursery, it only takes about an hour sometimes a bit longer just to get their snack and drinks ready, and interact with the kids - I love it, apart from the fact I get to spy on D#2 and see her in a different light, the other kids are so refreshing it really brightens my day, anyway end of term today and to my surprise they got me a gift to say thanks!!!!!! Really made my day :o)

Picking D#2 up from nursery at home time I felt quite emotional, can't beleive she'll be starting school in a few weeks!!!!

End of term girls night out tonight, it may be a while before I surface!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Today was one of those days I fancied making something but didn't really know what! So I decided I needed a new pin cushion!!

It's quite a beast compared to it's regular size buddies

I love making little strawberries, yet to find an actual use for them though!!

Just off to D#2's first ever parent's evening, only 2 days left of nursery - can't believe my baby is just a few weeks off starting 'big school' roll on the summer holidays!!!

Busy day tomorrow - I'll be mostly baking cupcakes for leaving presents for both girls to give to their teachers, I bought some nice cupcake boxes with matching cases the other day, only hope my new oven does me proud!!! If you don't see a picture or two here tomorrow you'll know I failed miserably!!

Bye for now x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sweet Escape

When I said I'd joined Swap-Bot I think I created a new addiction for myself!! This is the one I posted today to a lady in Israel!! The title of this one was Sweet Escape! Non-edible

For this swap you will send at least 3 items to 1 partner with a sweets theme!

Please only send sweet themed items such as candy, ice cream, cake/cupcakes, fruit, popsicles, cookies etc!

I'm loving the whole felt food thing at the moment I whipped up the chocolate iced doughnut yesterday, didn't take very long and I quite like it!! The strawberries and ice cream brooch I made a while ago to send along another Scrabble tile keyring and a strawberry paper clip type thing. I hope she likes it!!

Monday, 18 July 2011


Looks like I might be back after possibly the longest blogging break in history!!!

Just over 3.....yes THREE years later it would appear I'm back - for how long it remains to be seen!! Not much has happened really, JL is now my husband!! (Get me - an honest woman!!) D#1 is now the not so proud owner of a nut allergy which is surprisingly makes life very restrictive on top of the fact she's a vegetarian! D#2 has got 4 days left in nursery, before she starts 'big school' after the summer hols, can't believe it!!!!!

I've found a renewed zest for craft type stuff in the form of a couple of plushie swaps on Facebook and Swap-Bot, the later of which I've only just joined but loving it!!

I'll share my 2nd Facebook plushie swap as I've not got a picture handy of my received plushie from the first one.

There is only one rule and it is that your plushie must be an original design from your own brain and not copied from a book or someone else

Which is quite easily said!! The theme for the swap was Stars and Stripes, I had it sussed in my head but it didn't really work out that way in reality!!

The stars and stripes were a bit lame - a star on top of the icing and the stripe was round the waffer on the top, still I was quite pleased at how it turned out, I also sent my swapper a Scrabble tile toaster keyring. Don't think they've arrived in Canada yet though.

In return I received this gorgeous little chappie by the name of Al McFluffytail

How utterly fab is he?!!!!!! He came with a little note in the tiniest, neatest hand writing that said.....

I'm a cousin of the legendary (and some believe magical) white squirrel from Trinity Bellwoods Park in downtown Toronto, Canada!
With my stripy backpack I come bearing star dust confetti for you celebrate all the small joys of every day life :)

Al McFluffytail

P.S. My cousin is famous! You can Google him :White Squirrel, Trinity Bellwoods

And here he is!!!!

Anyway, enough from me for one day!! Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later! ;o)