Monday, 18 July 2011


Looks like I might be back after possibly the longest blogging break in history!!!

Just over 3.....yes THREE years later it would appear I'm back - for how long it remains to be seen!! Not much has happened really, JL is now my husband!! (Get me - an honest woman!!) D#1 is now the not so proud owner of a nut allergy which is surprisingly makes life very restrictive on top of the fact she's a vegetarian! D#2 has got 4 days left in nursery, before she starts 'big school' after the summer hols, can't believe it!!!!!

I've found a renewed zest for craft type stuff in the form of a couple of plushie swaps on Facebook and Swap-Bot, the later of which I've only just joined but loving it!!

I'll share my 2nd Facebook plushie swap as I've not got a picture handy of my received plushie from the first one.

There is only one rule and it is that your plushie must be an original design from your own brain and not copied from a book or someone else

Which is quite easily said!! The theme for the swap was Stars and Stripes, I had it sussed in my head but it didn't really work out that way in reality!!

The stars and stripes were a bit lame - a star on top of the icing and the stripe was round the waffer on the top, still I was quite pleased at how it turned out, I also sent my swapper a Scrabble tile toaster keyring. Don't think they've arrived in Canada yet though.

In return I received this gorgeous little chappie by the name of Al McFluffytail

How utterly fab is he?!!!!!! He came with a little note in the tiniest, neatest hand writing that said.....

I'm a cousin of the legendary (and some believe magical) white squirrel from Trinity Bellwoods Park in downtown Toronto, Canada!
With my stripy backpack I come bearing star dust confetti for you celebrate all the small joys of every day life :)

Al McFluffytail

P.S. My cousin is famous! You can Google him :White Squirrel, Trinity Bellwoods

And here he is!!!!

Anyway, enough from me for one day!! Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later! ;o)

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trish said...

ah, you found a video! :D i'm actually going to trinity bellwoods park tomorrow, hoping to see Al's cousin...