Monday, 24 March 2008

What more can I say?

We popped to Meadowhall today and I stepped inside a Paperchase for the very first time, I've always had a obsession liking for stationary but wow! I managed to contain myself and only bought this postcard

I will be returning very soon!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Meet Blossom

I don't ever remember waking up on an Easter Sunday to find a covering of snow! I wasn't quick enough with my camera to snap it before it all melted, I may have been up just after 6 but wasn't planning on venturing outside at stupid o'clock freezing my tits off so you'll just have to take my word for it!

I can now share Blossom (aka Crash Test Bunny #4) pics as she safely arrived yesterday

Her dress is an adaption of this very easy, simple tutorial from Molly Chicken and the flower attached to her 'name tag' is a brooch,

JL suggesting giving her two heads, how cruel......funny though!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Hunny Bunny

Firstly happy birthday to Jim Lad for yesterday! We didn't do very much but someone had a rather nice lie in (not me) and breakfast in bed (not me!)

1st day of the Easter holidays I only hope the rest won't be as stressful with the two young uns squabbling, D#2 seems to be having a rather frustrated phase with lots of ear piecing screaming when she wants something or doesn't get her own way, then D#1thinks it funny to mimic her so D#2 screams more then it's a screaming game - once a day I could put up with but not every time D#2 wants something - just hope it's a short lived phase!!

Apologies to Diane for not posting about this sooner.....

Arrived on Thursday, what could it be?


Well hello there bunny! (sorry for the rubbish dull pic - blame the Yorkshire weather!)

I'm surprised she didn't nibble through these on her journey

Yum! Lindt my favourite!!!!!

Look at these beautiful books Diane sent for D#1 and D#2, they are keepsake editions of books first published in the 1950's!

(They are both looking at them as I type!!)

Here is Diane's cute Easter handmade card

And a better pic of Hunny Bunny!!

Isn't she sweet? Thank you so much Diane, I wish I'd had a camera when the girls saw her for the first time, she's already been to bed with D#1 but I managed to retrieve her from her bedroom (oh I'm evil ) but I did wait to the following day (I'm not that evil). Thank you also to Lucy for arranging such an enjoyable swap! I'm hoping there might be another one soon ;o)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Crash Test Bunnies

It was my dad's birthday yesterday (not that he can even use a computer and he wouldn't know what a blog was!) but happy birthday dad anyway! These days I'm a smidgen taller than him!

Thank you for your lovely comments about my bag, I think if I did steal the birthday bag back my bro's girl friend wouldn't even notice!

Here are the Crash Test Bunnies

From left to right CTB #2 (it is meant to be just a head but is a bit freaky) CTB #3 (generally a bit freaky - think it's the eyes) blurred out CTB #4 (on route to New Jersey as I type) and CTB #1 *snigger* (what can I say?!)

I finished my course today, I was very apprehensive about putting D#2 in the creche but she absolutely loved it, as did I and I'm quite sad it's finished - I got a certificate and feel quietly chuffed with myself! I'm hoping the school will host some more very soon!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

The lights are on but is anyone home?

Well chickens I return from my fast and hard living life of traveling the world......oh no.....sorry that was while I was still asleep ;o) Not had much energy to blog lately but I'm here now!

Have you seen Hana's Helpline? It's a kids program on Channel 5 (so you may not have!), softie fans should really look out for it - the characters are fantastic!

Are you a little animal with a big problem?

Then phone Hana on
Moo, Baa, Double quack, Double quack…

Love it!!!

Muzzy Mouse and Owen Owl are my faves I think - so cute!

In my absence I have been productive! Four crash test bunnies for the Bunny Swap, #4 will be the one getting posted to Diane in New Jersey tomorrow! She has an essence of Frankenstein's Monster but I think she's the best I could come up with. She's been hanging around for a few weeks now and I think I've come quite attached to her - I'll be sad to see her go *sniff*

I've also made a Tiny Happy bag I love these bags, so simple and the tutorial is brill, it's the second one I've made the first one was last year for my brother's girlfriend's birthday, she's a big bag fan in general but it seems not of my bag or maybe just not of handmade - gutted to say the least but I'm sure it's very happy at 'the bottom of the wardrobe' *sigh*

I've been making some brooches too like the one on the bag, will share more another time.