Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Found It.....

....the camera phewwwwww!!! *Wipes brow* it randomly appeared in my other handbag - no idea how that happened! I'm feeling a lot better now!

Today I received two parcels! My usual weekly Graze box which is brill!! Basically it's four punnets of goodness delivered to your door however often you want, if you'd like to try one for free (no catch) enter this code KTNJ79D absolutely no obligation!! I'd have taken a picture but the girls decided to eat most of it before I found the camera!!

So the other parcel *gets giddy* another swap!! Sweet Escape!! The person I send to if different from the person who sends to me, works kinda like a round robin.

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!! I love parcels, look at this booty!

Some of you may remember my slight addiction?!! Can you believe this???

Seriously!!!!!!! Mr Pillsbusy lipsalve!!!!!!

This is sooo me ;o)

How cute is this? Happy ice cream fabric!

I would go on but I'll stop now, you could say I liked my parcel!! As did Trish who received her Plushie ice cream!

Happy day x

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